Email filtering at roestockfox

This page last updated 08-Mar-2014

Due to the ridiculous levels of spam I receive, I have used the wonderful Access Control Lists of exim to bounce messages from spammers and their favoured domains. This bounces 20-30 emails a day.

My reject lists are compiled from directly received emails, and from other sources on the internet. These are merged to remove duplicates etc. For a starting point, see

If your email address is from a domain in the domain list, or your email address is in the emails list, then you will not be able to send me any emails. (Not entirely true, as there is a whitelist too). If you are unfortunate enough to be on this list, and are not attempting to send spam: then you will either have to get an email address not covered by these lists, or find someone whose address is not on the list; then you can send a request for your usual email address to be put on the whitelist.

Please note that the appearance of any name or domain in the lists does not necessarily mean it belongs to a spammer or virus propagator, only that I have received an irrelevant email sent from that address. The sender's address may have been forged, but I've added the name/domain to my list anyway as the probability of a genuine email from that source is miniscule, if not zero.

For other suggestions on how to deal with spam see, for example.

Now that I'm fetching email via pop3, I missed the exim ACL capability to reject emails by sender domain without downloading first. I've now created a perl script to delete unwanted emails. It is based on one by Xavier Noria, but now uses demon's SDPS extensions to pop3 to get the envelope from and to addresses, so that once again I can delete emails, based on the sender's domain, without downloading*. The script will need modifying to add your domains etc, and you'll need to provide the 3 list files (took, fromok, baddomains). Call the script to clean out the dross just before fetching mail using fetchmail.

* Now demon have dropped their support for SDPS, and even worse send everything to a single address, there is really no reason to stay with them, I have run my own mail server for a while and have now changed ISP, using a free email account for catchall when my connection is disrupted.