The ISAPNPTOOLS debugging page

Last updated 13-Aug-2000

Debugging hints

This is rather out of date now

  1. Edit the Makefile and make sure the C compiler flags
    -O2 -g
    are present.
  2. Check your C compiler is 2.7.2 using 'gcc -v'
  3. make clean
  4. make
  5. Run the resulting binary under gdb:
    gdb pnpdump
    (gdb) run <pnpdump command line parameters>
    program runs and crashes
    (gdb) bt
    (gdb) q
  6. Fix the bugs found !
  7. Send me the patch made using
    diff -u oldfile newfile
    along with the other information.

Reporting problems, or requesting assistance

Before reporting a problem, please make sure the problem isn't covered in the FAQ or one of the READMEs.

When reporting problems, or requesting assistance, please include the following information where available:

Send your report to