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Last updated 07-Mar-2014

Serialmon-0.24 released 18-Mar-2001. It's take 12 years to get it on the website!

Serialmon-0.24 released 18-Mar-2001. Added bandwidth management function to allow scripted use of the serial line to wait for slack in traffic. The new version also includes a kernel module which allows the use of serialmon without having to patch the kernel. Note this bandwidth management function is a superior implementation of the scheme used in the BW script.

patch file for serial.c in ltmodem-5.78d.tar.gz. Note that it is assumed you have already patched the kernel.

New kernel patch file for 2.0.37 kernels.

Added link to ksermon.

Serialmon-0.23 released 27-Nov-98. Support for all latest (i386) kernels now ok again, also supports glibc2.

I have a script to regulate traffic on a PPP link, which may be of interest if you download stuff automatically.

MD5 checksums of various web pages are available.

A program to monitor a modem on a serial port, and simulate the modem LEDS on a colour console using curses, also bandwidth management function and kernel module. See the lsm.

Information monitored:

Then, for each connection:

The logfile contains all the above, but also includes additional information:

The bandwidth management function added in version 0.24 allows:

Download the Latest Version

The latest version is 0.24, released 18-Mar-2001. Note that it may take a few days to reach the ftp sites.

As serialmon requires (and includes) a small kernel patch, it is only released in source form.

Serialmon MD5 checksums of all the files are available, should you want to check against modification or corruption.

Sources and documentation - serialmon-0.24.tar.gz

LSM entry - serialmon-0.24.lsm

The home ftp site for serialmon is

On-line documentation

The following on-line documentation is available:

To send comments on serialmon, or this webpage, please mail me. If you liked this program, see my home page for some others.